Lehi Puppy Training - What You Can Expect

Lehi, UT is located about an hour from Salt Lake City. "We're a family-owned Utah County business, with over 40 years experience, specializing in building the strong bond between your puppy and you, with a heavy emphasis on training your dog at home, along with a strong emphasis on teaching him or her the highest level of basic obedience. We strongly believe the secret to sustaining obedience is to first empower the owner to be a key part of the training process, then allow them to become an active part of the process. Once you start the training process with us, we strongly believe you become part of our family. We offer a full range of services including puppy kindergarten classes, obedience classes, private lessons, and group classes, as well as grooming services for pets and a full pet care team that include pet spas, veterinarian care and emergency care.

There are many puppy training programs available, some more effective than others. Before starting your own puppy training Lehi program, it is important to choose a program that will not only create a good learning environment for your pet, but one that will also create a safe and healthy atmosphere for everyone in the household. Lehi Pet Training schools offer obedience classes as well as other puppy training classes such as biting deterrent, electronic containment and puppy agility training. Classes offered by Lehi are designed for the entire family, so regardless of your previous training level, there is something for you!

Some of the classes taught at Lehi include: Dog obedience training, pet safety training, puppy wellness, pet competition obedience training and much more. Lehi believes that the training of puppies should be fun and rewarding and we strive to provide that in each class that is attended. Our puppy training classes teach proper manners, behavior management, nutrition and basic training skills to get you off to a good start toward training your puppy and teaching your new puppy to behave properly around people, animals and other dogs.

Each class taught at Lehi instructs you on the fundamentals of puppy obedience training. This will include housebreaking, walking on a leash correctly, feeding, general health care and how to properly exercise your dog. All the dog obedience training that is taught in the classes is designed to create positive dog habits that help create a safe and healthy environment for everyone in your home. The classes also teach you how to properly take care of yourself, your puppy and your dog while they are in the presence of each other. It is important that your puppy see you take care of him or her, because if you don't, he or she may begin to do the same things. And that is not what you want.

Lehi puppy training has classes that are flexible so that no one needs to know all of the details at the very beginning. This means that you can take your puppy along with you as you shop or do other things around your home. You can also work at your own pace with the one-on-one puppy training program. It is important that you are able to have fun with your puppy while working at your puppy training classes.

If you love your puppy and want to have a healthy and happy puppy then you definitely need to consider Lehi puppy training. Not only will your puppy look and act better when you start puppy training at Lehi, but you will find that life just got a whole lot easier as well. You will be saving time and money by using Lehi puppy training techniques with your puppy that have been proven to work. You will be able to spend more quality time with your puppy as you continue your puppy obedience training.

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Address : 305 S 850 E, Ste. 108A, Lehi, UT 8404
Phone : (801) 753-7600
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